Marrakesh Shopping Tours

Habibi Moroccan is excited to announce the dates for our Shopping Tour to Marrakesh. 

This fully guided event is perfect for retailers, interior designers and anyone who LOVES to shop! Tours will commence in 2019 with the first in April, June and September 2019.

Dates - April 9th - 18th 2019 (10 Days 9 Nights)

Cost - $6,450

Excludes -  Flights & travel insurance

Includes - 9 nights accomodation in your own private room. Entire Riads are booked exclusively for our tour

All meals included - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

All transport In Marrakech from Airport to all activities in a private vehicle

$1000 deposit required to secure your place.  Limited spaces available.

Optional extras - Hot Air Ballooning over Marrakech and a Sahara Desert Tour.

For any further information please feel free to contact Rae - 0412 933 770

Shopping tours are hosted by Rae and Moh, who will be there to nurture and guide you throughout your exotic adventure in one of the most exciting destinations on the globe.

Moh is a licensed tour guide, born and bred in Marrakech he has an indepth knowledge of souk life,  he knows everything and everyone!  He will help you hunt out that very special treasure that you will have forever.  You will go off the beaten track and delve around in dim dark corners of shops that look like they are set back in time. If this not your thing then Marrakech is a mecca for young hip designers from Morocco and Europe.  Whatever you want we will try our best to find it or have it made.  Moh will negotiate the best price for you, we will take care of everything from you saying I WANT THAT! No need to worry about lugging goodies around they will be packed and delivered to your riad.  We will also provide several shipping options for getting your Moroccan stash back home.

Language will never be a barrier, being hassled will definitely not be an issue, you can hone your bartering skills if you wish or Moh can take care of the haggling for you. 

Marrakech is a crazy, challenging, stimulating city offering every sensory experience, visual overload, tastebud explosions and shopping exhaustion. BUT we have ways to soothe you, no not more shopping,  a relaxing massage or  a hammam scrub down then back to your own dreamy Moroccan Riad for a quick mint tea, delicious tagine and imaginings of your next days adventure. 

All we ask of you is to pack your biggest smile, it really does break down many barriers; have a kind and generous heart, not everyone is as lucky as us and you will be faced with this also and enjoy every moment. Moh and I want you to love Marrakech and keep memories of your magical Moroccan holiday forever.   

 "Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."

                                                                             ...Gustave Flaubert

Day One - Tuesday 9th April 2019


Arriving in Marrakech you will be met and transported to Riad Djemanna. The beauty of a riad is the design which makes it feel like someone has turned down the volume, it is so tranquil. You cannot imagine the hustle and bustle right outside your front door, Riad Djemanna  epitomises this peacefulness. Feel free to venture out, we are just a phone call away if you need us. Grab your camera and start clicking, (politely or secretively) or just roam and absorb Marrakech buzzing with daily life. Your riad is ten minutes walk from the souk, Koutoubia Mosque (the perfect land-mark to keep your bearings) and Jemaa-el-fna Square. Grab a seat at a sidewalk café, enjoy a mint tea and watch the ever-evolving spin on life.

We will meet early evening at the riad where we will dine on a delicious Moroccan feast, the sounds of the muezzin can be heard calling the faithful to prayer, the last rays of sun will be settling over the medina, swallows can be seen swooping and weaving their way across the skyline, it is all so romantic that you will pinch yourself to believe you are in this fabulous city. Take a deep breath and let your magical adventure begin.

Day Two – Wednesday 10th April

We hit the ground running, well walking but there is loads to do; seeing, shopping and souking! The souk runs like tentacles from Jemma-el-fna, it is an ancient marketplace where you will find anything and everything, it is the business end of Marrakech. We will roam through the labyrinth of passages where you will see artisans craft their wares, ironmongers, weavers, leathermakers, wood-turners and endless shops with far too many things to tempt you. Be prepared to press your back against the medina walls as the donkey driver, shouting at you to get out of the way (in French usually) passes by laden with stock for one of the many shops.

Explore the food market with mounds of olives to whip you into an olive frenzy, breathe in the heady scent of spices such as saffron and ras al hanout, mint is piled high and freshly baked bread is always available. This is sensory overload to the max, a colour extravaganza; the energy of the souk is wonderful.

We won’t forget to feed you, there are many fabulously trendy restaurants that we can settle in to, a yummy meal, a little down time, a relaxing drink… have you caught your breath?  

Away we go again.

You can return to your riad if you wish or we can just roam to help you get your bearings, Moh can show you snippets of Marrakchi life such as the hammam fire in the bowels of the earth, the local veggie market where farmers ride in on donkeys to sell what they grow or make, the real estate agent, (always my favourite) The butcher with great slabs of meat hanging above your head and if you dare you can go rug hunting, be prepared this requires serious energy. So many rugs, so many choices, which one should you take home.

We will end the day around 4pm. Time for an energy reboot,  as we will be back to pick you up at 7pm. Jemaa-el-fna awaits!!  A carnival that dazzles late into the night. UNESCO declared the square a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, WOW, lots of words but it surely is a sight to behold.  Snake charmers, medicine-men, henna artists, jugglers, story-tellers (in Darija, even if you don’t understand they’re always fun), acrobats, Gnawa musicians, monkeys, belly dancers (who are men) so much entertainment although I think the very best is people watching.  You will dine with smoke wafting over your heads, lanterns twinkling, carriages clip clopping past, spruikers, (annoying as they are can be very entertaining), music from the dancers: sit back and take in all the wonderment of Marrakech.

Then a quick walk back to your riad where bed awaits, 

“ AHLAM SAIDA ILAYKOM.” Sleep well my friends.

Day Three - Thursday 11th April

Start your day with a delicious breakfast on Djemanna’s rooftop looking out over the medina. Today is about culture, time to be a real tourist and experience the history of the Red City.

Jardin Majorelle is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It took French painter Jacques Majorelle 40 years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden, roam through the gardens, visit the jewellery museum it is fabulous, take lots of photos capturing that amazing blue building! Outside the gardens is the Yves St Laurent Musuem, a museum devoted entirely to the work of the legendary designer, there are very stylish boutiques such as 33 Rue Majorelle, always worth a visit to see what is on trend in Marra. 

Time for lunch, debrief and ask questions. 

Next is a visit to Musee Dar Si Said, which once was a library but has been converted to the museum of three religions. If you have a thing for zellij (tiles) then this building will seduce you. 

We may also visit Palace Bahia and Sadiaan Tomb which were built in the 18th century. There is a wonderful exhibition of the history and making of Boucherouite rugs, at aptly named Riad Boucherouite we may drop in on.

End your afternoon with a relaxing hammam experience, be scrubbed and pummelled and made to shine with skin silky smooth compliments of Habibi. 

Our evening dinner will be shared on the roof top of El Fenn. This wonderful riad comprises of six riads, it is totally amazing.  If you are a colour aficionado then this riad will satisfy you immensely. Riad El Fenn is a sublime example of integrating contemporary western design with traditional Moroccan style.

Day Four - Friday 12th April

Breakfast and then you will start your day with a cooking class. It is loads of fun.


The class offers not only the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic local dishes but a chance to source the ingredients yourselves, shop like the locals, with dirham in hand and a large shopping basket you will haggle over the cost of veggies, buy your chickens (live) this maybe a turn away moment, it was for me. Vegetarians are catered for and you will be served your four-course meal in a lovely riad setting. 

B’saha oraha …is your wish to all when beginning a meal.

You will have a free afternoon to explore or if you wish we can take leisurely walk to Gueliz the modern part to Marrakech. There are some interesting boutique shops, a delicious French pastry shop, galleries and standard city shopping centres.

Dinner will be at the wonderful Terrasse Des Espices, built on a huge terrace with views over the medina, the minaret of Koutoubia and  the Atlas Mountains in the distance. You will be dining under the stars in the heart of the Marrakech medina. 

Day Five - Saturday 13th April

After breakfast Jamal our trusted driver will load us up and we depart Marrakech for the quaint port of Essaouira (es-sweera). It is an excellent example of a fortified town from the mid-18th century. Essa is an enchanting laid back alternative to the frenetic melting pot of Marrakech, so unwind, shake off Marra madness and enjoy. We will head straight to the fishing port in time for lunch. It is an incredibly photogenic spot, fishermen selling their daily catch, mending nets, repairing boats, gulls swooping noisily overhead, it is prettiness personified. Those blue boats sitting in port are charming.

This town is small so you are free to wander. Take a walk along the ramparts and admire the massive canons which hark back to the days of colonisation. If you are a follower of Game of Thrones then this is where Daenerys meets her loyal army of Unsullied. Browse the many art galleries and boutiques, buy some Gnawa music it is a thing in Essaouira, lose yourself in the winding laneways, it is quiet and hassle free.  If you love ornate doors, then you will be happy so many awesome ones here for a photo shoot.

We will be staying at the very cute Riad Baladin, in the heart of Essa, we will dine here and then I think it must be time to head out and sample the night life. Essaouira is known for its music scene and you never know who you will find playing on the rooftops at night.  Alcohol is often limited in Morocco but coolness isn’t and we will find coolness, maybe a dance or just people watching again.

Day Six - Sunday 14th April

Let’s share a rooftop breakfast then we will then drive to the local flea market, you may be lucky to discover something weird and wonderful amongst all the ‘things’ we can visit the interesting artists that work and live here. Quirky naïve art abounds and many artists have been discovered and now earn good income from their works. The blue seaside city is art in itself and know as 'the blue pearl of Morocco'.  Essaouira is the kind of place that is best enjoyed slowly.  Enjoy it at an easy pace without a list of things to see.  Wander the souks and alleyways, have a coffee along the fortress wall and take a windy walk on the sprawling beach maybe on a camel?

Evening dinner at the lovely La Licorne Restaurant.

Day Seven - Monday 15th April

We will enjoy our last breakfast in Essaouira and set off back to Marrakech. 

Your new home for the rest of your adventure is glamorous Riad Nashira & Spa, WOW factor tenfold, it is time to have a place that will soothe your every need. Staff that are gracious and forever smiling, there is a wonderful outdoor pool where you can catch those Morocco rays, there is an enormous heated indoor pool, spa, massages, hammam and a bar, yes a bar, how refreshing. 

Did anyone say cocktails for lunch?

Lunch will be served at Riad Nashira.

An afternoon at Bab Khemis Flea Market, now famous with European designers and interior decorators who come seeking that special piece. Where you can buy sea-green, rustic Tamegroute pottery, ancient Medina doors and windows, ceramics, carved furniture, vintage and industrial furniture, art-work; it is fun just seeing what is on display.

Let’s dine beneath lemon trees sparkling with fairy lights, Riad Limoni is a  beautiful riad setting for a relaxing dining experience. The menu is a mix of Moroccan and European with Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Day Eight - Tuesday 16th April

Breakfast time, note to self, I will have freshly squeezed orange juice when I return home. 

Today we will be exploring what is on trend in Marra. Beyond the souks Marrakech is a boutique shopper’s paradise, many trendy shops offer a modern twist on the classic Moroccan style. Those well known ones such as -33 Rue Majorelle, Chouf, Chabi Chic , Max & Jan, Topolina, Norya Ayron, El Fenn Boutique deserve a look in but we have other surprises to share with you also…on the day.

Pit stop time at Nomad a *super* cool fusion restaurant with a big reputation, good food and great views over the busy spice souk. On the ground floor is Chabi Chic a one stop shop for modern Moroccan inspired tableware. Just two minutes away is Riad Yima with gallery, tearoom and shop owned and curated by the artist Hassan Hajjaj whose works were included in the 2017 Triennial at the National Gallery of Victoria.

A few doors down, is my go-to jewellery shop, whenever I am in Marra I spoil myself with a gem or two from Fousi and Haj. It is an eclectic mix of styles, lots of vintage tribal statement pieces and a good mix of modern Berber jewellery. You may wish to visit the famous La Mamounia, the opulent Moorish inspired hotel an ultimate luxury destination for an afternoon drink.

We will see you back at Riad Nashira for dinner.

Day Nine - Wednesday 17th April

We are at the pointy end of business, decisions to be made, which rug or another rug, maybe I need those leather slides in every colour, spices, spices, spices…now I am chef extraordinaire do I have enough, more pottery, more ceramics, I need babouche and a kaftan, and that amazing door would look fabulous on my patio, OH have I bought everyone I know a present???

If you are keen to indulge we can arrange an exhilarating hot air balloon ride over the outskirts of Marrakech where peace reigns. Soaring over berberi villages, deep oasis, wide valleys and views of the Atlas Mountains.

Your last few days will be spent shopping or if you are burned out a day sunbaking by the pool, you could check out galleries, Maison de la Photographie is well worth a visit, Musee de Marrakech also or indulge in one last hammam…but really, I don’t think that it is possible in this city not to shop.

Day Ten - Thursday 18th April

Sadly it all has to come to an end, BUT we will be available for any last minute shopping on this day.  Will those bags close? I hope so.

Moh and I hope you leave our amazing Marrakech with love in your heart for the place and the people. We hope you have embraced all experiences, the good with the challenging and you leave with memories embedded deep inside you. It has a way of doing this, Marrakchi spirit is full of life and love.

We will see you safely to the airport and wave a teary farewell.

 Safe travel inshallah.

Shaynna Blaze is one of our happy tour customers

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